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The organisation.

The Parent, O2 Vind, has three operating subsidiaries; O2 Vindkompaniet, O2 Vindel and O2 Kraft. The company has around 50 employees at offices in Stockholm, Östersund, Mora, Kiruna and Färjestaden. O2 is a privately-owned company, in which the founders, Johan Ihrfelt and Thomas von Otter, are majority shareholders.

O2 Vindkompaniet
O2 Vindkompaniet’s business consists of the development, procurement, financing, sale and construction of wind power projects. The company is behind around 500 wind turbines (900 MW) in Sweden. Through local presence, long experience and established processes, O2 Vindkompaniet has obtained in-depth knowledge of the market, which provides it with a clear competitive advantage in the development of wind power projects.

Suitable wind patterns, excellent criteria for establishment and local support are the key to profitable wind power production. O2 Vindkompaniet has signed leasing agreements for much of the best wind locations in Sweden where constructing wind turbines is feasible. The portfolio includes total potential capacity of around 2,000 MW from around 40 locations in Sweden. All locations benefit from good wind patterns. The projects are situated around Sweden, using both coastal and inland sites, from the north to the south of the country.

Based on this project portfolio, the aim is to develop Sweden’s most profitable wind power plants and tailor financial solutions with minimised risk for investors. To facilitate this, O2 has secured expertise in all stages of the value chain, from the initial screening process, via financing and sale, to the hand-over of operational wind turbines.

O2 Vindel
O2 Vindel’s primary function is to offer electricity consumers the opportunity to become part owners of wind turbines through a wind share programme. The company also welcomes regular

electricity customers. All electricity carries the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation’s ”Good Environmental Choice” ecolabel. The target group for the wind share programme are private individuals, tenant- owners associations and small businesses. The shareholders become members of the O2 El Ekonomisk Förening, Sweden’s largest wind power cooperative. The cooperative has 4 000 members who own a total of 40,000 wind shares in seven erected wind turbines. The wind turbines are located at Sveg and Krokom (Jämtland County), at Hedbodberget (Dalarna County), at Grötlingbo (Gotland County) and at Brahehus (Jönköping County).

O2 Vindel also sells whole wind turbines to mediumsized electricity consumers, such as property companies, municipalities and municipal property management companies.

The fact that O2 covers the whole process, from the first wind speed measurement to the erection of wind turbines and electricity production, enables O2 Vindel to offer anything from wind shares on a large scale to the sale of whole turbines in locations with the best wind patterns in Sweden.

O2 Kraft
O2 Kraft offers services in the areas of operations monitoring, management, administration and specialist assignments on behalf of Swedish wind power producers. With more than one million operating hours of experience under its belt, O2 Kraft can help maximise output and accessibility while, at the same time, freeing-up time for and offloading tasks from wind turbine owners. An operational stoppage which is not dealt with can result in the loss of many valuable kilowatt hours, and this has increased demand for professional monitoring and rapid response.

O2 Kraft is also responsible for procuring wind turbines within the Group. The company is not tied to any suppliers, and aims to continuously increase competition in the Swedish wind power market. A procurement process is put in place for each individual project, involving a thorough evaluation of every supplier which covers everything from operational reliability and safety to environmental performance.

Due to its leading position and experience in the wind power sector, O2 enjoys a major advantage in negotiations with turbine suppliers.

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